The Veloster Turbo Has Been Unleashed.

As we mentioned last month, you’ll see more and more 2013 models at Keffer Hyundai very soon. A lot of reviewers have had their way with the 2013 Veloster Turbo, and they all have loved the experience. It’s well known that the Turbo will give you 201HP from a very light 1.6L. Its newly rated MPG comes in at 26/38 with the manual transmission, slightly less if you opt for an automatic.


Though the Turbo will come in around $4500 more than the base Veloster, you get way more than just extra HP for your cash. Way more.

It is fully loaded with extras that would take hours to read, so we’ll give you our favorites.  Hyundai’s Bluelink technology  is unparalleled, and allows you to do many useful things in your Turbo; like streaming Pandora , navigation, and contacting emergency services.  Bluetooth, proximity key and a 450-watt, 8-speaker sound system all are included in the price tag. That gorgeous interior you see above; also included. The seats are heated, the pedals are alloy and the lamps are LED. If that is not enough for you, the ultimate package will include a panoramic sunroof, parking sensors, and a rearview camera.


The adventurous can buy the matte grey finish, the only matte option for any auto priced below  $50,000. You’ll stay very far away from carwashes, that matte finish needs-hand powered TLC, and you cannot go cheap on the soap. Watching your neighbors drool does have a price.

The ride is pleasant, and though the 1.6L will not rip the tires off your car, it does give ample power in the turns and throughout the RPM range. The chassis is a bit tweaked and modified to handle the change in torque, and do not expect to experience any turbo lag.

Skip the automatic transmission, doing so will save you money, MPG, and give you more power. Do keep an eye on your speedometer, as the Turbo likes to go. Fair warning, the base model lasts an average of 12 days on the lot. We’ll be surprised if the Turbo lasts a week.

The 2013 Elantra GT and the Elantra Coupe should be on their way as well  (or may have already arrived). You will hear more about them at Keffer, and here at Keffer Automotive News. 

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